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We build...
…an innovative online event management tool which helps organizations to centralize their event management, drive savings and tap efficiency potential.

We help...
…venues to increase their occupancy rate and to open a new sales channel through a groundbreaking RFP-venue sourcing process.

We believe...
…that for successful meeting management, all event stakeholders must be in the same boat.

We shape the

Made for users, not techies

We want the easiest, most intuitive and user-friendliest solution, not the technically most sophisticated one.

Revolutionary approach

We don’t accept the status quo, we look at it from a different angle to continuously challenge it.


We always feature the best for our users, not the most profitable for us. Fairness is more than just a word to us.

Full transparency

No listing fees, no hidden cost, no preferred contracts: we are fully transparent.

Seemless | efficient

One-time capture

Gone are the days typing-in the same data multiple times. Efficiency is and will always be key to Crate.

Covering the whole event management life cycle

Crate mirrors all steps of your journey to a successful and hassle-free event management.

Smooth integrations

While Crate always remains the heart of your event management, we offer a great set of powerful integrations adding even more value to your events.

Linking event stakeholders

Crate is THE marketplace where all event stakeholders meet to interact and do business together.

Make it

Intuitive & effortless

Crate is made to follow human intuition and make complex processes easy and light.

Time saving

Crate makes your life easier and frees up your precious time for the real important tasks in event management.

Ease team collaboration

Event management is team sport and winning together is just so much more fun.

Make you shine

With Crate, organizing complex events is a piece of cake. We just want to be the platform for you to be the star.