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For Procurement & Management

Crate Tender Plus
Track costs and analyse
your meeting spend

Smooth event budgeting

Staying within financial targets has never been easier. Allocate your budgets to the according categories and compare the effective costs easily with the budgeted ones.

Intuitive cost tracking

Add services you booked outside of Crate to the project cost overview to get the full picture of your spending. No more negative surprises bursting your budget.

Powerful report creater

Understand sourcing performances, budget changes and much more by using stardard templates or creating customized reports based on any type of data and in any format.

Trend reports & forecasting

Manipulate complex data sets to understand long-term trends, identify opportunities or analyze events in-depth — custom to your organization.

For Event Planners

Crate Tender
Find and book
meeting locations

Stop searching, be found

Gone are the times of gruelling venue search: Just define the geographical range as well as detailed requirements for your event and launch your call for tender. Suitable locations will then bid for your business.


Crate wants you to find the best locations for your event and not the most profitable for us. That’s why our motto is and will always be: no preferred contracts or deals with hotels or hotel chains.

The decision maker is YOU

Although venue search with Crate is conducted via an online auction, it will always be you choosing the venue eventually and contracting it.

Powerful Dashboard

Top-Parameter on the Crate-Dashboard provide you with all data you need to take the smartest decision on which venue to contract for your next event.